Allotment Associations & Horticultural Groups in Harrow, Middlesex

Harrow in LEAF is a local green charity, which supports allotment growers and other horticultural groups in Harrow together with promoting wildlife and biodiversity. Our biggest venture is our annual Harrow in LEAF Horticultural & Craft Show, which has been taking place over the August Bank holiday since 2005. We also run a large and popular Plant Sale in May every year.


Applying for a small grant:

Harrow in LEAF provides small grants of up to 300 to local groups who are undertaking a horticultural project of benefit to the community. If successful, we ask that Harrow in LEAF's sponsorship is mentioned in a notice at the site, and that you send us some photos for our website. Groups will not be awarded more than one grant in any two-year period.

If you wish to apply, please provide us with the following information:

    • The name of the group or organisation applying.

    • The name and contact details of the person making the application, and their position in the group or organisation.

    • Brief details of the project being undertaken.

    • How the project will benefit the local community.

    • Costed plan for the whole projec.

    • The amount requested from Harrow in LEAF up to a maximum of 300.

    • Other funds being raised or in place to enable completion of the project. *

    • The long-term future of the project.

* Harrow in LEAF will release any pledged funds once other funds are in place.

Please send your completed application to Frances Goldingay, Secretary, Harrow in LEAF:

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