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Now you can use a Search Engine to help identify a plant you would like to name.

It is possible to identify a plant be it vegetable, flower or other by use of Google's Image Search Feature.

Please note: At the time of writing, this Search feature only applies to real computers and not Apps on smaller devices.

1. Obtain a Photo of the plant to be identified.

Take a photo of the plant and upload your picture to your device on which you wish to carry out the Search.

LEAF We are using our Harrow in LEAF Logo in this example

It is probably a good idea to reduce background space by zooming or cropping closely around the plant.

2. Go to the Google Images page(

3. Click on the camera icon in the Search Box.

images search

If you do not see a images searchcamera icon then this feature is probably not supported by your device....yet.

4. Copy your image into the Search Box and then search

images search

Use the Paste or the Upload options to transfer your picture.

5. Work through the Search results to determine whether your plant has been identified.

images search results

You should receive a list of possible Websites and images closely matching your picture.

Just work through the results, click on the suggested matched images to find out if you have a name.

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