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Courgette or Marrow recipes, using either as a main ingredient.

The French call a young marrow a courgette, whilst in Italy and USA they are zucchini.

Should you be in Greece then look out for "kolokythia"!

Courgette Humus Dip Courgette or Marrow "Humus" Dip
from Sue Keeni, Harrow Allotmenteer

Here is a recipe to share when you have friends over and impress them with your "humus kolokythia".

Published: 18th August 2017

Courgette Chocolate Cake
from Rekha Mistry, West Harrow Allotments (large)

Here is a recipe for a dessert when you get tired of having Courgettes in a Starter or Main.

Published: 11th July 2015
Courgette Choco Cake

Zucchini Antipasti Simple Griddled Courgettes
from Brian Vaughan, HiL Rep, Cuckoo Hill Allotments

How to use and store that courgette or marrow glut!

Published: 24th Dec. 2013

Courgette Spaghetti
from Diana Dolman, HiL Rep, Headstone Allotments

Tastes best if you have grown most of the ingredients

Published: 29th Sept 2012
Diana's Gardener's Salad

Diana's Gardener's Salad Gardener's Salad
from Diana Dolman, Headstone Allotments

This recipe can be made using tenderised courgettes
or using very small courgettes uncooked.

Published: 28th Jan 2012

Melting Marrow
from Diana Dolman, Headstone Allotments

This recipe can be made using courgettes or marrow.

Published: 18th Jan 2012
Diana's Melting Marrow

Diana;s Courgette Cake Courgette Cake
from Diana Dolman, Headstone Allotments

Something interesting to do with all those courgettes.

Published: 13th Jan 2012

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