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2023 Show Prize Winners         (Previous Years: 2022 ,2021 ,2019 ,2018 ,2017 ,2016 ,2015 ,2014 , 2013 , 2012 , 2011 , 2010 )    Beekeepers

Trophy * Section Awarded for Winner
RHS Banksian Medal Horticulture most points in horticultural classes Graham Weidle
Alan Brooks Trophy Horticulture second highest points in horticultural classes Themba Suri
Garden News Shield Vegetables most points in vegetable classes Kantha Kunverji
National Vegetable Society Medal Vegetables best vegetable exhibit Graham Weidle
Harrow Post Cup Fruit most points in fruit classes Graham Weidle
TA Ellement Cup Flowers most points in flower classes excluding dahlias Themba Suri
Chas Stenhouse Cup Flowers best flower exhibit excluding dahlias An Vrombaut
Sam Hulks Cup Pot Plant best pot plant exhibit Katherine Turner
Jim Pearmain Pointing Steward Cup Dahlias most points in dahlia classes Graham Weidle
National Dahlia Medal Dahlias First Prize, Silver
Second Prize, Bronze
Graham Weidle
Steve James
Dahlia Championship Cup Dahlias best collection of 3 varieties of dahlia Steve James
Mrs G N Hurford Cactus Cup Cacti most points in Cacti classes Adrian Cross
G Dowling Cup Floral Art best Floral Art exhibit Paula Crouch
Harrow Times Cup Wine most points in Wine and Beer classes Not Awarded
Macrae Cup Preserves best Preserves exhibit Gillian Bridge
Borough of Harrow Show Committee Cup Cookery most points in Cookery classes Marion Sharp
Harrow Show Charles of London 1966 Crafts best Craft exhibit Lynn Scott
Harrow Show Silver Jubilee Shield Painting best Painting exhibit Lynn Scott
Pinner Horticultural Cup Photography best Photography exhibit Peter Tonkin
Top Vase   First Prize
Second Prize
Graham Weidle
An Vrombaut
Top Tray   First Prize
Second Prize
Kantha Kunverji
An Vrombaut
Open Challenge Cup Horticulture best collection of vegetables, fruit, flowers,
cookery and preserves
Kantha Kunverji
Junior Cup Craft Best Junior Craft exhibit Olivia Jago
F J Osborne Cup All Society with most points overall West Harrow Allotment and Garden Association.
The People's Choice competition - chosen on the day of the Show by a public vote.   Odd Shaped Vegetable or Fruit

First Prize
Second Prize
Third Prize
Kantha Kunverji
B Kowalewicz

* The trophies used by Harrow in LEAF were inherited from The Harrow Show whose last show was held in August 2004.
Since that date the tradition of a local Horticultural & Craft Show has been maintained by the volunteers of Harrow in LEAF,
together with the Harrow Beekeepers Association. Not forgetting our local exhibitors too.

2023 Show Prize Winners: Honey, Mead and Beeswax

Cup Class Winner
GEC Cup Individual with highest points in Honey Section C Geheran
Rogers Cup Best Honey in Show Bill Fitzmaurice
Heather Cup Best Honey, any type or colour in Class 154 Bill Fitzmaurice
Harry Marsh Shield Most Points in Novice Class R Bullock
Garbe Bowl Best large tablet of beeswax C Geheran
Wembley Cup Best sculpted beeswax C Geheran
Association Cup Best Honey Cake C Geheran
Dr Timmin's Rose Bowl Best display of products of a hive C Geheran
Association Mead Cup Best Dry Mead K Geheran
Garbe Cup Best Sweet Mead N/A
Gardner Cup Best frame of honeycomb for extraction C Geheran
John Harley Trophy Best Photograph Ross Raftery
HBKA Centenary Trophy  Best Exhibit in Show C Geheran
Zoe Puxley Cup Best Beeswax Candles K Geheran
HBKA Childrens Trophy Best Childrens painting/drawing R Vincent
Ernest Taylor Trophy Best Bees in an observation hive N/A
NHS Blue Ribbon Best Exhibit in Show C Geheran

No 2023 prizewinner photos...yet.... so here is a reminder of 2022 Show Prize Winners

Photo Gallery, please click on image to enlarge.

Awards presented Harrow Mayor, Cllr Janet Mote, assisted by Trevor Steeples, Harrow in LEAF Chair and Jo Telfer, Harrow Beekeepers Association.

Liz Hardman
Liz Hardman
Christine Salter
Christine Salter
Marin Sharp
Marion Sharp
John Salter
John Salter
Frances Goldingay Frances Goldingay Steve James
Steve James
Jane Williams
Jane Williams
Caroline Geheran Caroline Geheran
kate turner Kate Turner kevin geheran Kevin Geheran samantha pali Samantha Pali Eileen Samuroff Eileen Samuroff
Gloria Smith
Gloria Smith
casey dalton
Casey Dalton
Nick Lacey
Nick Lacey
Shanti Vijayadeva
Shanti Vijayadeva

Thanks to all who submitted prizewinner photos for 2022.

Click here to see Photos from the 2022 Show and surrounds.

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